The business benefits of IVR technology

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is a growing industry that provides enormous benefits across a range of applications and use cases. Organisations can improve their customer experience, internal workflow, and overall efficiency by implementing cloud-based IVR to address call centre needs. 

Choosing the right IVR voice response systems technology phone solution will vary between applications. It depends on a number of factors, including regulatory compliance (e.g. GDPR, PCI), customer base, and other industry-related specifics.
However, as a solution for operational improvement, IVR is universal. 


Customer experience has never been more important than it is today. The modern customer will not wait longer than a minute on hold. To address this and ensure the best possible experience for your clientele, technologies including automated callbacks, call centre analytics, and conversational Ais can all be employed. 

Together, these solutions empower businesses to handle more calls and reduce customer wait times. Up-to-the-minute customer satisfaction analytics allow you to hone the process even further, virtually guaranteeing improvements to your brand and your bottom line.

While chatbots and other online tools have been around for a while, modern improvements in sophisticated IVR Systems (Interactive Voice Response) allow customers to interact with and gain assistance from high-quality, sophisticated AIs directly over the phone. This reduces complexity, increases customer access, and removes the need for internet access, 2-factor authentication, and other barriers.

Consider the following when weighing the benefits of IVR for customer experience:

  • In quickly growing, highly competitive industries, customer experience plays an outsized role as a predictor of success. This has now been the norm for nearly a decade or more, making the reliability and accessibility of IVR call centre technology practically mandatory.
  • For many companies, improvements in customer experience can be directly shown to have a positive relationship with ROI. Cloud solutions with scalable costs, like those offered by IVR technology, make this link even clearer.
  • The personalisation options provided by cutting-edge IVR will facilitate modern requirements for success: effective self-service technology and fast, highly adaptable call centre agents as well as happier customers acting as a customer service tool.


Automation in IVR can almost certainly save your organisation money – the average cost of a single human-to-human phone interaction is now above £12, making AI financially appealing. Scalable Cloud solutions were designed with this sort of efficiency in mind and can adapt at peak times. 


100% uptime, 24/7 availability, and no lag time or inefficiency during spikes in call volume improves business efficiency and customer calls. These are the kinds of results that are available right out of the box with IVR, without even getting into the further automation that can be done with API integration.


Onboard analytics allow for near-instantaneous feedback, and automated survey data allows for even deeper insights – all without any increase to your workforce. This allows you to improve your services in real-time, meeting the complex demands of the modern consumer. 

Workflow efficiency isn’t about cutting corners, it’s about rounding edges and making every aspect of your organisation run more smoothly. 

Consider the following:

  • In the past, efficiency has generally come with a high price tag: a larger or more highly skilled (and therefore more expensive) workforce. IVR for call centres or contact centres allows you to get the same results with less cost, so you don’t have to pass anything off to the customer.
  • Phone calls are no longer simply two-way communication – they are a part of the digital technology ecosystem, with as many possibilities as any other messaging medium. 
  • IVR is a digital-analogue compatible system, taking in data in multiple forms through voice or alpha-numerics from SMS.


There are two primary compliance standards in the IVR industry that are important to know for anyone looking to implement this technology.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

This standard requires all software to be free of vulnerabilities related to payment cards (e.g., credit or debit). Only authorised personnel can access data of this type, and all information must be handled and stored safely and in an encrypted fashion. Cybersecurity emergencies are real, and your vendor should have contingency plans in place for a number of possibilities.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (DPA) Compliance

The GDPR and the DPA, like PCI, are intended to serve the privacy rights of your customers. However, this compliance is related to general data protection, including health and patient data, rather than payment. Health information is highly proprietary and may not be sold or shared with third parties except under strictly regulated circumstances. Any IVR software company should clearly detail which of its employees is responsible for handling this sensitive data. 

Security and compliance are critically important to the successful implementation of a unified communications product such as IVR technology. The following points should be taken into consideration:

  • The National Archives and Records Administration has shown that of companies who lose their data and are not able to retrieve it within 10 days, 93% have gone out of business within a year – take security seriously.
  • PCI compliance can be validated and certified annually. 
  • Compliance technology is often generally applicable – one company’s platform can be used at another company to the same effect. This can cut down on costs. 


IVR software and Voice Recognition is allowing call centres and other customer-facing organisations to enhance their workflow efficiency and customer experience with proven ROI. By ensuring the implementation of such software is carried out in compliance with all the necessary regulations and standards, IVR data can be used safely, securely, and to great benefit. Once in place, analytics and real-time feedback, along with a nearly unlimited degree of personalisation through API integration, make IVR technology virtually unparalleled as a solution for today’s highly complex interactive spaces.

Need to know more about the specifics of how an IVR solution could be implemented at your call centre or business? 

Contact us any time – our experts will be able to consult with you and find the perfect fit.


IVR Software: The Future of Payment Processing

IVR Software: The Future of Payment Processing

Interactive Voice Response software, or IVR software for short, often gets a bad reputation. However, this reputation exists not because of the concept itself, but rather the frequently poor implementation of IVR software or IVR Payment Solutions into already established businesses. At Teleproject UK, we’re looking to change the way the industry views IVR software by creating IVR systems that stay on the cutting edge, with robust infrastructure and constant support.

Teleproject UK Offers Cutting-Edge IVR Payment Processing

With our revolutionary approach to IVR systems. Teleproject UK can help your business stay on the forefront of customer service, especially when it comes to payment processing. There is no question that a properly-implemented IVR system can make a gigantic difference when it comes to how easy it is for your customers to make their payments on time. A working IVR system can drastically increase the ease with which customers can make their payments, as well as the ease with which you and your business can receive them. With our exceptional skill and passion for IVR. Teleproject UK is the ideal partner to help bring your business, school, or other company up to the cutting edge of payment processing.

Why IVR Is the Ultimate Option for Payment Processing

No Hidden Fees for Your Customers

The fact is, when customers are forced to pay hidden fees when making payments, it often breeds contempt for your business. The more agitated customers become with the practice of hidden fees, the less likely they are to continue offering you their patronage. With a properly-implemented IVR system from Teleproject UK payments can go through effortlessly, with no need for hidden fees. This means that customers will be happy and satisfied with their transaction every time.

No Processing Payments for You

Not only does an IVR system from Teleproject UK mean no hidden fees for your customers, but it also means no processing payments for you and your business. With other systems of payment processing, fees can severely get in the way of overall profits. When fees start to add up. that means you will have to increase the price you are charging customers for your services. This, in turn, can drastically affect the overall veracity of your business. With our IVR payment processing, you can forget about payment processing fees and focus on providing the best service for the best price to your growing customer base.

IVR card payments

Self-Service Means Less Staff

Another area where a well-implemented IVR system can save you money is in staff. Often, payment processing will require a whole team of individuals working around the clock to provide customer service to your clients. By outsourcing your payment processing to Teleproject UK you will be saving a bunch of time, energy, and money. A functioning IVR system will allow clients to pay their bills on time with no outside help required and all via their telephone keypad.

Proactive Customer Service

As businesses move away from one-on-one customer service to more digital modes of customer interaction, the means clients use to interact with your business digitally become more and more critical. By working with Teleproject UK. you can ensure that you are working with a trendsetter in the field of IVR payment processing. We have a growing infrastructure of support that will help keep you and your business on the cutting edge of customer service well into the future.

IVR Payment Processing Offers Unprecedented Protection

Not only will a good IVR payment processing system help increase your customers’ overall experience with your business, but it will also offer your business unprecedented protection when it comes to each and every transaction. It can do so by providing a complete and
easy-to-find database of all customer payments. With an IVR system from Teleproject UK every payment will have a paper trail, meaning that if your business ever needs to dispute a charge, you will have all the evidence needed to back it up.

IVR Card payment image

No More Unnecessary Chargebacks!

With other payment processing systems, businesses run the risk of falling victim to illegitimate chargebacks. A chargeback occurs when a business is forced to refund a received payment through the bank or credit card payment. While chargebacks may occur legitimately, many times they occur illegitimately. Without a proper record of all transactions, however, businesses may have a hard time fighting back against the claim of a chargeback. Many times, companies are forced to absorb the money lost on the chargeback and hope that it doesn’t happen again. With IVR payment processing from Teleproject UK fighting back against wrongful chargebacks has never been easier.

Automatic Recordings of Each and Every Transaction

With IVR payment processing from Teleproject UK. you can have all of your transactions automatically recorded. This means that each payment a customer makes will have a permanent log that can be easily found and accessed. With this complete call record, your business can have everything it needs to protect itself should any complications arise. With Teleproject UK recordings can be easily set up and accessed whenever you need.

How Teleproject UK Stays on the Forefront of IVR Technology

Teleproject UK was created with a passion for bringing IVR technology to it’s rightful place at the forefront of customer service. We aim to do so by revolutionising the current approach that most businesses have to IVR payment processing. Whereas many businesses will simply use IVR payment processing as an optional mean for payment, something that clients can use after office hours when no actual customer representatives are available on the line. IVR aims to make IVR payment processing the main means for receiving payments for all businesses.

In order to do so Teleproject UK implements proactive monitoring of it’s IVR systems to see when and where customers are having trouble with the current set-up. By seeing where and when customers are reaching snags in our IVR processing systems, our systems are allowed to evolve, offering the best customer experience possible each and every time.

With IVR payment processing from Teleproject UK your customers are guaranteed a simple and intuitive experience whenever it comes time to make a payment. As well, our text messaging systems can help notify customers whenever a payment is due. Meaning that you will have fewer customers forgetting to make their monthly payments. Little things like this are what give IVR payment processing systems so much potential, and that potential is what Teleproject UK aims to tap!

We Can Help You Attain Effortless PCI Compliance

Another great thing about working with Teleproject UK to create a payment processing system for your business is that it allows your business to achieve PCI compliance effortlessly. For those who don’t know, achieving PCI compliance is a never-ending battle that only gets more and more complicated the more payments you are receiving. With an IVR payment processing system from Teleproject UK your business is guaranteed PCI compliance the easy way.

What Does It Mean to be PCI Compliant?

PCI. or PCI-DSS. is an acronym that stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”. If the name doesn’t give it away. PCI is used to refer to a set of basic security standards that all payment processors are recommended to follow so as to ensure the best protection for them, their clients and customer data. While payment processors are not specifically required to be PCI compliant, they will definitely be losing a large potential chunk of their customer base if they aren’t. PCI Compliance Process is vital.

Why Should Businesses Work to Be PCI Compliant?

Being PCI compliant is beneficial not only from a marketing standpoint, but also because of the protections it offers for you and your clients.

There is a lot that can go wrong when it comes to payment processing and card details, and achieving PCI compliance is a proactive way to assure both yourself and your clients that your payment processing system is safe and secure.

How Does a Business Become PCI Compliant?

For businesses, the road to PCI compliance can be fairly difficult. The more payments you are processing, and the more means by which customers are allowed to make payments, the more difficult it is to achieve total PCI compliance.

As well, once compliance is achieved, you will have to annually reevaluate your entire payment processing system to ensure it meets the next year’s PCI standards. Since achieving PCI compliance is essentially a never-ending battle, having a third-party payment processor that can meet PCI standards for you is often the preferred option for businesses. Teleproject UK will ensure PCI-compliance for all of it’s payment processing systems, meaning that you and your staff don’t have to worry about it!

Get Started with Teleproject UK Today!

If you are a business, school, or other company looking to get into the cutting edge of IVR payment processing, get started with Teleproject UK today! 

We can help pave the road to the future for your business, ensuring that all customer transactions go off without a hitch! As businesses move farther away from one-on-one personal interactions, the importance of a proactive and evolving IVR payment processing system only increases. 

By working with Teleproject UK you are ensuring that your business is staying on the cusp of customer interaction, providing the ultimate customer experience for all of your clients as well as bringing down operational costs. The fact that IVR payment processing can save you both time and money is simply an added bonus.