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The use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and automated IVR services are becoming an increasingly popular method for collecting credit card & debit card payments and Telephone Payment via automated business phone systems. This self service style of payment collection has the benefit of 24/7 availability whilst also reducing customer service operating costs. Moreover it sends a clear message that your company takes Data Security Seriously.

ActivePay™ Assist is our brand for one of the UK's leading Automated IVR Card Payment Line systems. Hosted in a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant environment Assist can be deployed quickly and at a price point that works.

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Assist is already integrated with most of the UK acquiring banks and payment goes straight into your bank account. We only facilitate the transaction we do not touch the money!

The ActivePay™ Assist automated card payment line can be stand-alone on a dedicated telephone number and/or be incorporated as part of your phone IVR systems.

Your staff will be able to transfer callers wishing to pay by card to Assist as easily as transferring a call to a colleague. You can also promote your automated payment collections line on your invoices, payment reminders and website to benefit from 24/7 payment collection in order to collect payments. Our solution is hosted in a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant environment.

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Callers to Assist are greeted with your branded welcome message before being guided through the payment process. The system can be configured to ask for either one or two forms of caller identification with standard options including Account No, Reference No, Invoice No and Date of Birth.

Assist is available with or without a Local Database. When enabled callers identification information will be validated before they are presented with the payment due/ account balance. When disabled the caller can enter any amount between a minimum & maximum value. You can update your local database via SFTP Feed or in real-time using the simple API.

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Once payment has been made you can opt to receive confirmation by email or we can post into your accounting software in an XML format. You can also view transaction information in the online management portal

Industry Sectors and Common Applications for Automated Payment Lines include:

electric meter reading


Bill Payment and
Meter reading

paying by card over the phone

Local Councils

Bill Payment

Invoices and calculator

Private Sector

Invoice Payment

man on a voip call

Debt Collection Agencies

One off or
Regular Payments

car keys

Parking Companies

PCN Payment


Registered Charities

Donation Lines

Give it a go...

The best way to experience how simple the ActivePay™ Assist solution is, is to try it yourself.
With this in mind, we have created a simple demo service to give you a feel of just how
easy it is to start taking phone payments and card payments over the phone.

It should take no longer than two minutes, the transaction is not processed and therefore, no money is debited from your account. If you want to, you can use the suggested test card number if you’d rather not use your own.
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Call 01458 552 366

You will be presented by a series of automated prompts to guide you through the process. Answer the questions by using the numbers on your telephone keypad.
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Enter 123000 followed by #

When asked for your account number.

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Enter the value 2999 followed by #

When asked for the amount.

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Enter 5100 0800 0000 0000 followed by #

When asked for a card number.

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Enter 1024 followed by #

When asked for the expiry date.

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Enter 123 followed by #

When asked for the security code.

The system will ask you to confirm the transaction: press 1 to continue and after a short delay you will be supplied with a unique transaction identification, you can then hang up. If you would like what you have seen so far why not get in touch to arrange a Demonstration by Screen Share. We know that you will be impressed when you see how easy it is to configure the Assist service to meet your company’s requirements

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