Conference Call+

Always ready ‘Dial In’ call conference service
Now with recurring conference ‘Dial Out’ feature

Meetings are vital to the success of an organisation, but it may be that not everyone is physically able to attend. By hosting a virtual meeting through Conference Call+ you can communicate quickly, regularly and clearly with customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Conference Call+ enables you to conduct that all-important meeting – any time,
anywhere and at short notice.

How does Conference Call+ work for you?

When the caller rings they are greeted by a recorded message asking them to enter the PIN access code and record their name. Once the code has been accepted, the caller will be introduced to the meeting, alerting existing members to a new delegate. The service is managed via our Online Control Panel. It’s easy to use and you can create and schedule a conference in less than a minute.

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Simple Management Interface

Teleproject Website Call Conference screen shot

Multiple Conference Services

Teleproject Website Call Conference screen shot

Real-time Watch Screen

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Automatic Recording

The organiser has the option of recording
the entire conference. The recording will then be available in the management portal for playback, download or deletion.

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Save Time & Money

In many cases a 30 min conference call is all that is required to keep your project on track. No cars, no trains, no time wasted travelling. 


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Time & Duration

If you hold regular meetings you can schedule a weekly or monthly conference call and the system will outbound dial all of the included participants at the designated time.

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Rapid Activation

When you need to hold a conference call on the fly, that’s fine, simply dial your
conference call access number and enter your PIN. Conference Call+ is always available.

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Caller Announcement

The organiser can decide whether or not they want delegates to record their names or simply to have a single beep each time someone enters or leaves the conference.

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Conference Call+ can be dialled from
anywhere in the world. It’s ideal for
communicating with suppliers or even holding sales and management meetings with remote workers.

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Access Numbers

As standard Conference Call+ is accessed using an ‘03’ number. If required we can
allocate UK geographic, UK Freephone or even international local and free call numbers.

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No Hassle

Conference Call+ is a hosted service so there is no need to change your existing telecoms provider or invest in any
expensive on-site equipment.

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Monitor via the Control Panel

In addition to setting up your conference call through the control panel, you can also monitor conference activity online using the watch function and logging reports.
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Great Value for Money

With a monthly rental of just £3 per access number (you can have as many as you need) and call charges to the conference host of 3p per minute, per caller Conference Call+ really is great value for money. We regularly save our clients 40% or more on the cost of conference calling.

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