3 Ways Cloud IVR Improves Your Healthcare Communications and Operations

3 Ways Cloud IVR Improves Your Healthcare Communications and Operations

Inefficiencies in communication, especially in the healthcare industry, can negatively impact the condition and recovery of your patients as well as patient experience. Moreover, it can also leave an unpleasant impression on patients and families who require prompt medical help. 

That said, you must act immediately if you are noticing breakdowns in your communication, both internally and externally. If left unaddressed, these issues can escalate and significantly lower the quality of care you provide for your patients. Ultimately, it can damage your reputation and affect the funding you receive to support your operations.  

This is where the importance of having the right communication tools comes into play. Interactive voice response system (IVR), in particular, is a powerful tool you can utilise in tandem with your voice channel to deliver convenient and customer-friendly service to your patients. 

Here are some applications of IVR in your healthcare communications that are worth exploring. 


1. Appointment Management 

The interaction between you and your patients is central to your healthcare service call center. That said, it is worth noting that all of these interactions usually start with an appointment or customer call. How you make and keep these appointments influence your performance, the reputation of your healthcare agency and ultimately customer satisfaction and customer expectations.  

Unfortunately, patients inevitably miss their appointments from time to time. Sometimes, they may show up late or ask to reschedule at the last minute, and this can easily dislodge your schedule for the day. 

Integrating IVR into your healthcare communications, patient experience and contact center allows you to send out regular appointment reminders for your patients to avoid these instances. It can be through SMS messages or pre-recorded phone calls. Additionally, you can customise when these reminders go out according to your preference. 


2. Medical Information Collection 

Integrating the technology into your communication system lets you use apps that allow you to record personalised test results and attach them to a patient’s medical record. When recording, you can use a combination of pre-recorded audio and text-to-speech for general test results. 

As soon as the recording is entered into the system, the app can call the patient and replay the recording for them to hear. If they have questions about their results, you can use the same technology to connect their calls directly to a nurse or a specialist. 


3. Asset Management 

You often work with a lot of medical equipment to provide the best care for your patient. If your facility is relatively big, however, finding the location of the right equipment can be a chore. This is another aspect where interactive voice response systems and unified communications can help. 

Using cloud IVR applications and IVR Software, you can assign an ID to a piece of equipment in your premises. When one of your team needs a particular apparatus, they only need to call a number and input the device ID. They will then hear a response dictating the current location of the apparatus in question. 

Having such integration makes it easier for providers to find critical medical equipment when they’re in a race against time. 



There are various uses and applications of Cloud IVR solutions in your healthcare system and call center solution . Aside from the three mentioned above, you can also use it to transfer critical information quickly, identify a patient’s post-procedure issues faster, and automate the dissemination of prescription information. 

Your agency may be performing well at the moment, but there will always be room for improvement. You need to constantly find ways to refine your service and healthcare communications. In this regard, IVR is a technology that can remarkably streamline your processes and empower you to serve your patients in more unique ways. 

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VoIP and the 3 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to it in 2020

VoIP and the 3 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to it in 2020

Telecommunications remain a powerful tool in business communications today, especially as technological advances introduce digital solutions that enable companies to establish an effective communication system and deliver high-quality customer service. 

It is a fundamental function that creates the opportunity to introduce flexible work anywhere in the world, especially since the rise of technological advances like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems. 

In an internet-driven landscape, integrating VoIP phone to replace traditional analog phones prove to be the most efficient way to improve data sharing, accessibility, and enhance customer relationship management. 

With that in mind, the list below explores how Voip phone technology can benefit your business today: 

Benefit #1: Mobile and Flexible 

One of the biggest benefits of integrating a VoIP phone system to your business is that it opens up mobile opportunities, which means you can run your business on the go anytime and anywhere. Without being restricted to a fixed phone line in your location, you can leverage flexible working arrangements and move as your business demands without paying extra cash to make international calls. 

Benefit #2: Versatile and Easy-to-Integrate Features

Seeing as you only need a stable internet connection to access work, integrating new features will be easy as a few clicks of a button. VoIP service provide multiple functions, allowing you to multitask and boost your productivity on-demand.

Adding features can be done swiftly and removed without a hitch, allowing you to utilise tools that best suits your needs – be it from improving your video conferencing capabilities, including voicemail-to-text transcriptions, call routing, and more. 

The versatility and seamless transition make Hosted VoIP the best systems that can facilitate your growth. 

Benefit #3: Improve Client Interaction 

Telecommunications play a pivotal role in maintaining the relationship between your business and its clients. Setting up phone calls and meetings with foreign markets means you need a system that can speedily meet your demands at any moment’s notice. 

It’s easy to miss calls back in the early days of telecommunications, but with VoIP systems’ help, you can ensure all requests will not remain unanswered by choosing where it will connect when no one answers in the first few rings. 

Transmitting the call to different devices or offices means you can maximize your productivity and eliminate the waiting time for your clients, allowing you to establish a more efficient client interaction. 

The Bottom Line: Implementing A VoIP System Can Boost Your Flexibility And Offer Remote Capabilities For Your Business 

Businesses are moving to the cloud as the landscape becomes more digitized by the minute. These changes are revolutionising old systems, allowing organisations to leverage the internet to boost their communications efficiency. 

Making the switch to VoIP calls means keeping up with the tides, but working with the right VoIP Phone Systems provider is just as crucial. Here at Teleproject, we offer advanced, cloud-based phone systems to a range of businesses in the UK.

Get in touch with us if you need Cloud Based VoIP solutions and see what we can to streamline your telecommunications and how you can benefit from VoIP. 

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Staying Power of Voice in Business Communications

Staying Power of Voice in Business Communications

One fact that all the best entrepreneurs and businesses know is that stagnation can mean the death for any business. In a world in which new technologies and innovations are constantly being developed, the business that succeeds is one that manages to adapt to all these changes. 

One change that enterprises must keep up with is how customer service and the customer experience (CX) evolve. More and more, companies are thinking about improving CX using the various technological options that come to be. But while innovation does matter, keeping your head in the future might jeopardise the present, as adding new options might confuse the customers who are used to a certain thing.

The staying power of voice communications

This is one particular reason that voice communication – through telecommunications or other channels – is here to stay. After a century of use, it still remains one of the most efficient and widespread ways to deliver and exchange information in real-time. 

The wonderful thing about voice systems is that they don’t necessitate an internet connection. This makes it a reliable staple of business communications, featuring unparalleled reliability and accessibility. Even in the case that internet services fail, the telecommunications system will remain up. 

With nearly every person having access to some form of voice communication, whether on their phones or in their existing landlines, it is not a pathway you can ignore. 

Voice communication also solves the problem of the immediate nature of customer demands. 64% of customers expect to receive real-time assistance when they make an inquiry, and voice business communication is the quickest way to respond to this demand. 


You can use Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) to make it easier for both you and your customers

Interactive Voice Responses can add a level of intuitiveness to the way you deal with customers, as it can narrow down their concerns before they even speak to a customer service representative. This even has the added effect of allowing you to optimize your customer service operations, allowing representatives with different areas of expertise a more focused approach with their disciplines when dealing with customer concerns.

The wonderful thing about this is, with just the right amount of tweaking and intuitive design, your IVR system can be designed to completely replicate the web experience. You can provide all the same options to customers who prefer or need an auditory experience as opposed to a visual one. 

With the right tools and strategies, you can create an automated system that relies on self-service, easing employee operations and providing a convenient real-time form of communication between your business and the customer. 


In conclusion

Even with email, chatbots, and other digital communication channels, voice communication remains a staple in business, especially with the 91% customer retention rate offered by taking a multi-channel approach to your communications. So long as you use intelligent strategies such as IVR to manage your voice communications, you should expect to see positive results.

If you’re looking for a provider of innovative voice communications in the UK, send us at Teleproject a message.

We employ all the latest cloud-based technologies to help businesses and schools. 

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4 Reasons Your Estate Agency Needs Cloud-Based Telephone System

4 Reasons Your Estate Agency Needs Cloud-Based Telephone System

One of the essential foundations of a great company is having an excellent communication system. Everything that is done daily and its success is all because of excellent communication. It is particularly evident in estate agencies. 

When running an estate agency, communication is one of the gears that keep your machine moving. On a regular day, you will have to talk to numerous clients, colleagues, partners, and suppliers, and keeping track of all this information can be challenging. A lot of companies have been upgrading their telephone system to cloud-based. It sounds pretty fancy, but it’s quite simple. Here are some basics on cloud-based telephone systems and why your estate agency needs one:

1. Versatile telephone system for Estate Agents

Cloud-based telephone systems, unlike traditional methods, allow your company to make phone calls, send, and store data over the internet. This type of system is versatile because of its many functions. You can make and receive calls from your co-workers and agents, save and store data (such as voice mails), use other messaging tools, and hold video conferences. There is no need to be in one place with all your employees to discuss important matters anymore.

2. A better way to manage calls and messages

The problem with traditional telephone systems is that you can be missing important messages or calls. With cloud-based telephone systems, you can make and receive calls while you work remotely. Another advantage is that you can track reports of missed calls and client calls done by your agent. This way, you can find ways to improve communication. Because cloud-based telephone systems have an option to record calls, it will help you develop better customer service. You can create a better system in interacting with agents and clients based on the data you gather.

3. More natural way to communicate with your team

Having a cloud-based telephone system in your estate agency will allow you to hold conferences and meetings anywhere. That is both cost-efficient and highly practical for you and your employees. 

Another advantage of having this type of telephone system is that you can manage your employees’ workload and align everyone with the day’s tasks. Aside from that, you’ll get reports on messages and calls that went through the system throughout the day. Cloud-based telephone systems enable you to contact your team from anywhere. So if issues in the agency arise, or if there is something urgent that needs to be done, reaching a team member wouldn’t be a problem.

4. Better customer services

Since employees will have access to your telephone system, missing essential calls will decrease, and employees will be able to accommodate clients immediately. This feature is critical because it allows you to be able to track how your employees communicate with your clients and find areas in which you can improve. 

Customer service is incredibly essential to help build your agency’s reputation and a trusting relationship with your clients. Cloud-based telephone systems can help you ease communication problems and be more accessible to your customers.


If you want to upgrade your estate agency’s communication method, switching to a cloud-based telephone system is the right choice. You can track, manage, make, and receive data all in one system, which is incredibly cost-efficient and practical. If you want to receive real-time results and get to work efficiently, cloud-based telephone systems will do the trick. 

Are you thinking of finally putting your traditional telephone system to rest? We offer businesses cloud-based telephone systems in the UK. Our range of clients include new home builders, schools, car dealerships, estate agents, and more. Start communicating better with your team with a cloud-based telephone system. Request for a call from us!

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5 Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Telephone Systems For Schools

5 Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Telephone Systems For Schools

Schools and educational institutions today are constantly undergoing unprecedented changes, which threaten the stability of such institutions. Such changes require the owners to devise ways to reduce operational costs, improve the efficiency of their processes, and drive growth for the benefit of their students and stockholders. 

If you are facing the same challenges, one aspect you can look into is your phone system. Although these may seem like the last thing you need to be concerned about, moving from conventional landline systems to advanced technological ones, such as a cloud-based hosted VoIP system, may significantly increase the efficiency of your school’s operations.

To cement that point further, here are five astounding benefits that a cloud-based telephone system can bring your school:


1. It Connects Your Whole School Easily 

Having a cloud-based telephone system for schools will work to your advantage, especially if your school has multiple buildings and offices that are scattered across the city. 

You will no longer need to have installed any wires, cables or Centrex lines—which provide extended services such as call transfer. Aside from the inconvenience of setting up traditional landline systems, the whole system can also be very costly and time-consuming to proceed with.

With a cloud-based office telephone system, you can bring total connectivity to your institution regardless of the distance. Aside from that, your teachers and staff won’t need to work near the wall phone jacks to stay connected, making them a bit more mobile to handle other tasks.


2. It Helps Your Staff Stay Connected Wherever They Are 

Your staff will not always be in the office, which makes keeping in touch with them a challenge – especially if they’re out attending conferences or workshops. Moreover, as we are still in the middle of a global health crisis and everyone is advised to stay at home, your landline systems are most likely not useful when your staff is working from home. 

That said, cloud-based telephone systems allow you and the whole team to stay accessible wherever they are from. As long as their smartphone or desktop is connected to the system, they will be able to stay in touch, allowing for more seamless communication to keep your operations running smoothly.


3. It Allows You to Scale Your System Painlessly

As mentioned earlier, you have to work with wires and cables when using traditional landline systems. If you need to add a line, the process can be time-consuming, tedious, and costly. 

In contrast, you won’t have to worry about scaling your system when it’s in the cloud. Adding a new line is not only cost-effective but also incredibly affordable. 


4. It Helps You Future-Proof Your Institution Conveniently

Since you are forgoing the bundles of cables and wires when using a cloud-based VoIP telephone system, keeping the system up-to-date is much easier and less expensive. Everything is done in the cloud, and newly made updates can be installed in real-time. 

Moreover, excellent providers also handle system innovations and features, so you won’t have to worry about upgrading the system yourself constantly. Beyond this, your providers will keep striving to give you excellent service, while assuring your systems are all caught up with the latest technology.


5. It Helps You Spend Less on Telecommunications 

The cloud telephone system is more affordable than traditional landline phone systems, mainly because there is no expensive hardware to purchase or install. You don’t need to spend money on lines or wall phone jacks, and this can significantly give you better year-on-year savings. 

Considering this, you can now reallocate the funds intended for the maintenance of your phone system for something else that you need for the school that will be more helpful to your students.  


You may have gotten accustomed to the traditional landline system; however, at some point, you will have to make the necessary adjustments to make sure that your school is ready for the future. Keeping up with the changing needs of both the students and the staff require innovation and adaptation, especially when it comes to technological advancements. One way to do this is by moving on from the traditional tools and being open to the latest solutions of this day, such as the cloud-based telephone system. 

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