Virtual Numbers

Barcelona 776 7799 543

Upton Snodsbury 01905 381 632

Littlehampton 01903 721685

Paris 509758355

Mongolia 976 11 565 432

New York (212) 696-5260

The team at Teleproject UK are specialist providers of virtual business phone number services. We offer the full range of Virtual Geographic (01/02) and Non Geographic (08/03) telephone numbers including International phone numbers. All calls are routed through our IVR platform to give you access to our portfolio of Intelligent Call Handling features.

Our Virtual Business Phone Numbers are used by new and growing businesses who like the portability of our numbers, home and remote workers who appreciate the online call divert and hunt group features and multi sited organisations who use our more advanced call handling features to manage their heavy call traffic and ensure that calls are delivered to the most appropriate person, department or team.

If you require a particularly memorable phone number for an advertising campaign or as the main numbers for your switchboard we can help. Our virtual business phone numbers are categorised as Standard, Silver, Gold and Exclusive based on memorability.

Standard numbers are generally the next number allocated by our system whilst at the other end of the scale Exclusive Numbers when available are numbers that have been reserved for high prole advertising campaigns and may come with a minimum call traffic clause.

We always have a good selection of Silver and Gold Numbers for our clients to choose from and these do not come with any minimum call traffic requirements.

If you are a Contact Centre Manager or run a live call answering business, please get in touch and ask us about an Active Inbound Master Account, this will give you access to provision and manage your own stock of numbers, the full range of call handling features, real-time reporting package, a branded portal and great support.

Create the perfect Inbound Call Management olution for your business by combining any of the following features.

phone forwarding icon

Divert on Busy/ Unanswered

If the call is unanswered after a predetermined time or if your line is busy the system will ring another number in your hunt group or divert to the voicemail 2 email service.

time icon

Hours of Business

Set your hours of business, for example 8.30am to 5.30pm, and calls received outside of hours will be diverted to the voicemail 2 email service.

forward to mobile phone icon

Divert 2 Mobile

You can divert calls to a UK mobile at any time and include mobile numbers in your hunt group

mobile phone icon

Hunt Group

You can have up to nine numbers in your hunt group and set the ringing time between each

email forwarding icon

Voicemail 2 Email

You can configure the voicemail 2 email service to play two different messages to your callers based on busy/unanswered and out of hours. Messages left will be emailed to you for playback on your pc or smartphone

mobile phone forwarding icon

Mid Call Transfer

Create a list of virtual extensions via the online control panel so that you can quickly transfer callers to another department or colleague

support icon

Introduction Message (professionally recorded)

This is a greeting played to callers before the call is forwarded to you, for example ‘thank you for calling ABC Telecom, the experts in call managment, please hold whilst we connect your call’.

mobile phone messaging

Call Whisper

Call whisper is a short announcment played to you when someone has called via your Active Numbers. For example the whisper might say ‘sales call’, ‘local paper’ or ‘work call.

mobile phone forwarding

Call Recording

You can choose to record all of your inbound calls or use the telephone keypad to start recording when you feel the need. Recordings are stored online for easy playback, download or deletion

support icon

Virtual Reception
(professionally recorded)

Direct Callers to the correct department or person by asking them to select options using the telephone keypad, for example please press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer service and press 3 for accounts

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