Mobile Freedom

Sim Only Deal

For any business, maintaining optimum efficiency and productivity is essential. Keeping employees connected whilst out of the office or working remotely and providing instant, remote access to email and company networks has never been more important.

With a choice of either the Vodafone or 02 networks, we are pleased to introduce
Mobile Freedom our latest mobile offering. Gone are complex tariffs with nasty hidden charges and lengthy contracts, replaced with a simple 30 Day Rolling Contract on an easy to understand ‘no catches’ pricing model.

Ideal for sole traders, small business and larger enterprise we are confident that you will find the support team at Teleproject UK a pleasure to work with and significantly more
responsive than dealing direct with the network operators.

How It Works

We offer a choice of ready-made tariffs on each network with every tariff providing unlimited UK calls & text plus 4G Data allowances from 2GB to Unlimited Data.

Simply pick the tariff best suited to your needs. If you are ordering multiple SIMs you can have a mixture of Vodafone and 02. All billing and support is provided directly by Teleproject UK so just one invoice and one supplier to call when you need help.

If you regularly make calls to international destinations or you are a frequent international traveller we have a range of bolt-ons aimed at keeping your costs down and avoiding out of bundle charges.

DescriptionFreedom 5GBFreedom 20GBFreedom 40GBFreedom UnlimitedFreedom Unlimited Plus
Inclusive Standard Minutes**
Inclusive Standard SMS**
Inclusive Data**5GB20GB40GBUnlimited*Unlimited*
Inclusive UK to EU Minutes & SMS
Roam Like At Home (EU Zones Only)
WTS - World Travel Select @ £5 per day
TravelFree (EU Zones + selected destinations)
TravelPlus @ £5 per day
International Caller (IC)
Cost (exc VAT)£12£15£17.25£20.25£24.75

*Unlimited usage subject to fair usage policies
** Inclusive standard allowances are available for use in UK, EU and in selected worldwide destinations in line with qualifying daily roaming services

DescriptionFreedom 2GBFreedom 6GBFreedom 24GBFreedom Unlimited
Vodafone CodeVR2VR6VR24VRU
Inclusive Standard Minutes**Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
Inclusive Standard SMS**Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*Unlimited*
Inclusive Data**2GB6GB24GBUnlimited*
Roam Like At Home (EU Zones Only)YesYesYesYes
WTS - World Travel Select @ £5 per dayYesYesYesNo
TravelFree (EU Zones + selected destinations)NoNoNoYes
TravelPlus @ £5 per dayNoNoNoYes
Cost (exc VAT)£10.50£12.75£15.75£28.50

*Unlimited usage subject to fair usage policies
** Inclusive standard allowances are available for use in UK, EU and in selected worldwide destinations in line with qualifying daily roaming services

The Not So Small Print

There is a one of charge of £2.50 for SIM Connection, SIM Disconnection and SIM Swaps. Discounts may apply to the SIM Connection Fee for large deployments. There is a one-off charge of £25 per SIM if you switch to us but stay on the same network i.e from 02 direct to our Mobile Freedom 02 plan. Payment by Direct Debit is required. All prices shown exclude VAT

**Unlimited Data tariffs are subject to fair usage policies. If you regularly tether to 12 or more devices or use 650GB of data twice within a 6 month period then we may investigate to ascertain if your data usage is in line with standard personal use and our Artificially Inflated Trafic (AIT) policy.

In the event it is determined that your usage is for non standard purposes then we reserve the right to adjust your data plan or to terminate the agreement. Please also note that when roaming outside of the UK on your unlimited data plan data usage is capped at 25GB per month and roaming restrictions may be applied.

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Did you know that Picture Messages (MMS) are not included in any UK bundles?

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Its not just us this is the same with all providers.
We are amongst the very cheapest though with MMS costing just 38p + VAT.
If you need to send a picture message we recommend that you use Whatsapp or similar!

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