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Why Business Phone Systems Are Great for Growing Your Business

Why Business Phone Systems Are Great for Growing Your Business

Some business owners are hesitant to invest in hosted phone systems because they’re unsure how the technology works or if it’s worth the investment. We’ll talk about hosted VoIP solutions and cloud-based services that will help you save your business time and money!

We’ll discuss why hosted phone systems are great for growing your business in this blog post.

In this day and age, the smartest businesses invest in hosted phone systems to optimise their customer service. Businesses with a geographically diverse workforce can have one company number ring on all phones anywhere there’s an internet connection. Business owners report getting more customers and more business as a result of better customer service.

Hosted VoIP solutions and cloud-based services are great for saving time, money and making your life easier! Business phone systems have many features that make them worth the investment, including voicemail to email transcription so you can read messages on any device – even your smartwatch or smartphone.

Business phone systems also offer call recording for compliance needs, voicemail-to-email transcription, enterprise-level security measures including encryption capabilities so your business can be safe from hackers, and much more! Businesses with hosted VoIP solutions save a significant amount of money on long-distance and international calls.

The best way to evaluate whether or not you should invest in a hosted phone system is to see if you’re currently using any of the features mentioned. Businesses that are currently using a traditional phone system should assess the features of hosted VoIP solutions to see if it would be better for their company and figure out what savings could be passed on to their customers!

Businesses using voice mail as an answering service or having employees who work remotely, should decide whether they would be better suited with a hosted VoIP solution. This could save them money on long-distance calls and international rates as well as having other benefits.

If you’re looking for more information about hosting business phone systems, check out this blog post with our business phone experts’ tips.

Business phone systems are great for the health and growth of your business. Businesses with a reliable, hosted VoIP solution with cloud-based voice mail can benefit from it in many ways.

Help you communicate efficiently and effectively with your staff, customers, vendors and partners.

Businesses are now able to integrate the system into their existing workflows to make calls from anywhere in any time zone, this helps them run even more smoothly!

When employees use cloud-based VoIP solutions like Business phone systems, they are typically more productive.

Businesses can have many improvements in customer service experience when employees use cloud-based VoIP solutions because that’s where customers will contact them the most.

Business Phone Systems also help you communicate with your vendors and partners easily and effectively by integrating seamlessly with their existing workflows.

They can also integrate with your CRM easily. Hence, you’re able to track and measure all interactions with vendors, partners, customers and employees in a way that makes it easy for you to focus on important tasks or areas of the business that need more attention.

The systems allow for voicemail, which is crucial when running your business! You can easily set up voice mailboxes for different departments or groups in your company that will then be answered by whoever is required.

How can a business phone system save you money?

Business phone systems help save you money because they are hosted, and a lot of the services that people need on their phones can now be done through cloud computing.

Businesses with Business Phone Systems will not have to worry about spending more money on office space, furniture, utilities, or communications lines. They’ll also know how much they’re spending on their communications costs because Business Phone Systems give you visibility into how much is being spent.

Many businesses save money in energy consumption and server space, which can be a big cost for many businesses operating digitally!

Employees can now get up and move around more while they work because Business Phone Systems make it easy to work remotely from wherever they are.

Businesses can also save money by not having employees travel as much, which is always a big cost for businesses!

They help you communicate with your customers and vendors more effectively so that’s another way in which Business Phone Systems save money.

Businesses struggle with managing their phone systems, usually because they are outdated and incompatible with the current environment. Cloud solutions can save you time by eliminating the need to manage your system or upgrade it regularly. In addition, cloud-based systems will eliminate any downtime that an in-house system would have.

Small and large businesses can be confident that their phone systems will always work and not cause any disruptions in the office or among employees.

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Virtual Number

What is a Virtual Business Phone Number, and why you need one

What is a Virtual Business Phone Number, and why you need one

A virtual number is a telephone number without a directly connected telephone line. This is very useful, for example, if you have multiple office workers having to work from home due to covid lockdown. They may need to have their office landline number as a virtual number routing calls to various destinations such as softphones, home office desk phones or mobiles.
A virtual number is a phone number that’s not attached to a particular device or phone line. Historically, a phone number only worked over a single phone line. The line was materially connected from the phone provider to the address, whether a home or business, by physical telephone wires. Any calls could only be assigned to that particular destination. With a virtual business phone number, the company would have phone system (PBX) hardware in the office or home that would configure call routing rules, extensions etc.
There are a lot of benefits that come with having a virtual phone number for your business:

Utilising a virtual business phone number can mean you are available by phone anywhere, at any time, 24/7, all while keeping your number completely private.

A virtual phone number provides business savings and versatility for any sized business.

The virtual number can be used on its own or as part of a virtual business phone system setup.

Some phone providers enable you to port your regular phone number to a virtual one.

A good telecoms setup is essential for every business. In the past they have been costly and challenging to implement in small businesses in the past but not anymore; these days, a virtual business phone number is an uncomplicated, affordable solution that can help develop and scale your business. Here’s all you need to know about virtual phone lines.

What is a virtual phone line?

This telephone number is not attached to a particular phone device or line. It enables users to redirect and route calls from one number to another, device or IP address. Virtual phone lines are sometimes referenced as ‘online numbers’ too.
In the past, phone numbers worked over an individual phone line that was connected from the phone company to your business/home. Any telephone calls made to that phone number could just be transferred to that specific location. As the name suggests, mobile phones are more ‘mobile’ than landlines but are still reliant on mobile towers to give coverage. With a virtual number, physical limitations are taken away, which provides a business more flexibility and control in how it receives calls.

virtual number

How do virtual phone numbers actually work?

Virtual numbers use the internet instead of a phone line or mobile phone tower to give coverage, allowing users to be connected to by phone or computer. This means as a business; you can change the device you utilise in real-time.
What does this mean practically?
Let’s say that you only need to be available on your mobile phone at certain times of the day; you can route the calls you receive during business hours to a virtual phone line.

How do I obtain a virtual phone number for my business?

Virtual business phone numbers can be obtained in a few ways. If your company has a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system enabled, then you can easily add virtual numbers to it.
If you don’t have a VoIP system already, you can arrange for your setup to include one and a number of extensions you might need.

Home voip equipment

What are the business benefits of having a virtual business phone number?

You are free, free to work from almost anywhere, being able to receive calls from any location, anytime and via your selected device. If a staff member is away and needs to be contactable by phone but doesn’t want to make their private mobile phone number available, you can attach a virtual number to their mobile.
Another example of when Virtual phone numbers can be beneficial is when a business has many office locations. They are useful because when the phone rings in one office, that call can be sent to each office phone. This can be set up by creating a “call queue” or “ring group”, which rings the phones of any staff member who is selected as a member of the queue or group.
For businesses that are located in a different place than their customers, you can attach a local area code to your phone line. It’s been proven that customers like calls from local numbers/area codes and are more likely to answer or use a call number they recognise.
Another useful feature is that you can assign a certain number to a specific marketing campaign, meaning you can track metrics and know if someone is calling from that particular marketing campaign.
This data can help evaluate the effectiveness of any given marketing campaign when telephone numbers are featured.
Virtual phone lines can save businesses a lot of money, as they are digital, there is no need for equipment, maintenance or installation.
When researching the market for a virtual phone provider, always check if the providers you find offer voicemail and text features as well as phone services. Alongside this, be sure to check if they offer ring call, caller ID, call waiting/forwarding, call transfer and recording. That way, you have a system that your business can scale into. Make sure you also check ‘uptime’ and if customer support is included.
Teleproject UK are always happy to discuss your business telecom requirements and chat through a variety of options suitable for you.