Out of Bundle Costs

As a subscriber to the Mobile Freedom 30 Day SIM Only service from Teleproject UK, each month you will receive an invoice for the fixed rental amount based on the tariff that you have chosen.

Also on the invoice will be any ‘Additional’ charges that you have incurred. We really don’t want you to experience Bill Shock, so please do take time to understand what is not included in your bundle/tariff and get in touch if you have any questions:

Below is a list of the Additional Charge types:

Out of Bundle; charges are incurred if you exceed the monthly allowance for call minutes, data usage or text messages sent.

Non Geographic & Premium Numbers; calls to 084x, 087x, 090, 070 and special services such as directory enquiries are not included in the inclusive minute allowance for any of our standard tariffs. You can purchase a Non Geo bolt-on for calls to 084/087 numbers if required.

International Calls & Text; if you do make calls or send text messages from the UK to a foreign country these will incur out of bundle charges as they are not included in any of our standard tariffs. There are bolt-ons for these scenarios so please do get in touch to save money.

Using Your Phone Abroad; when roaming calls, text messages and data usage is classed as out of bundle and the charges can be significant. There are bolt-ons for these scenarios so please do get in touch to save money.

MMS; multimedia messaging service is used to send anything other than standard text in an SMS. Adding a picture or even an emoji may result in your message being sent as MMS rather than a standard text message. MMS are not included in any of our standard tariffs.

Call Type DescriptionPrice
(pence per unit)
Minimum first
period charge
Billing increments
On Net (calls to phone on the same network)35p per minute1 second1 second
Cross Net (calls to phone on a different network) 35p per minute1 second1 second*
Landlines35p per minute1 second1 second*
Voicemail35p per minute1 second1 second
Calls to Channel Islands & Isle of Man35p per minute1 second1 second
UK SMS38pN/Aper unit
SMS to Channel Islands & Isle of Man38pN/Aper unit
UK MMS38pN/Aper unit
Video Call48p per minute1 second1 second
Video Call - International48p per minute1 second1 second
Call Return35p per minute60 seconds60 seconds
International Call - EU95p per minute60 seconds60 seconds
International Call - RoW£1.55 per minute60 seconds60 seconds
International SMS48p per minuteN/Aper unit
Non-Geo Access Charge
(084 & 087)*
48p per minute60 seconds60 seconds
Premium Call Access Charge (09)*48p per minute60 seconds60 seconds
Directory Enquiries Access Charge
48p per minute60 seconds60 seconds
Free of charge1 second1 second
Radio Paging Services
(i.e. 076)(0800)***
48p per minuteN/Aper call
Personal Numbering Services
(i.e. 070)
48p per minute60 seconds1 second
Call Forwarding Services
(i.e. 07744/07755)
48p per minute60 seconds1 seconds
Data Over Usage3p per MBper KB*per KB**

* Please note: price displayed is only a part cost of the call known as an Access Charge, there is also a provider’s Service Charge
which is variable dependent on the service. All pricing in orange has either been adjusted in line with our pricing review, changed in
line with RLAH or corrected
** Cost is rounded per event to the nearest pence
*** Freephone numbers may still be charged when dialling from outside of Europe

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Did you know that Picture Messages (MMS) are not included in any UK bundles?

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Its not just us this is the same with all providers.
We are amongst the very cheapest though with MMS costing just 38p + VAT.
If you need to send a picture message we recommend that you use Whatsapp or similar!