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6 Advantages of a Cloud-Based Business Phone System

Every company needs a sound business phone system set in place. Whether for communicating internally or externally, with colleagues or customers, it should be able to satisfy your business communication needs.

There are various types of business phone systems available in the market. They can be sorted into two basic categories—traditional on-premise and cloud-based phone systems. While the first requires a physical setup and installation, the need for on-site hardware and IT support, the latter appears to be a more viable option.

Why? Here are the six advantages of a cloud-based phone system you ought to consider for your business. 


1. Full communications system

What’s great about a cloud-based phone system is that it is a fully-integrated phone system, using software applications and minimal hardware. Apps operating in the cloud are easy to deploy, allowing employees to stay connected and communicate with various stakeholders. With its seamless access to minimal tools, it can ensure business productivity and overall efficiency.


2. Advanced phone features

Another good reason to set up a cloud-based phone system is its advanced phone features. With this in place, you can utilise CRM tools, email, instant messaging, voice, and videoconferencing for communication. You also take advantage of features, such as Virtual Assistant, Auto Attendant, Never Miss a Call, or Call Center solutions. All these will give you a stable connection and effective communication.


3. Communication control

When it comes to a business phone system, you want a communication tool where you can gain full control. A cloud-operated phone system allows business owners or managers to regulate the use of communication. Likewise, employees can customise their phone settings to have access via a smartphone, desk phone, or softphone.


4. Ease of use and application

With the advent of today’s technology, we need a business phone system with tools and features that are easy to use and operate. The beauty of a cloud-based phone system is that it’s pretty straightforward to set up and operate daily. The features and applications are user-friendly that employees can explore on their own without the need for training.


5. Scalability and flexibility

A business must grow and evolve over time. Even your phone system needs to be upgraded to cater to the needs of your stakeholders. What’s good about a cloud-based system is that it can be scaled up to meet your business’s needs. It is highly flexible that can be customised based on what your business requires.


6. Cost-efficiency

Switching to a cloud-based telephone system may require a modest investment in hardware if you plan on using desk phones rather than softphone applications. However, it can help you save up over time, given its overall efficiency and productivity. Also, repairs and replacement aren’t an issue. In the end, it’s worth the investment in your business.



Given the changing business landscape and the need for a robust technology, a cloud-based phone system can be your best option. As outlined above, you can take advantage of its full communications system, advanced phone features, communication control, ease of use and application, scalability and flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

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