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Privacy Notice

At Teleproject UK Limited we are aware that proper management and protection of personal information collected from our customers is an important responsibility. To fulfil this responsibility we will handle personal information in line with the privacy policy stated below. 

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

We recognises that management of personal information is a part of our compliance activity. In complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, we will establish internal processes concerning the handling of personal information and other internal rules, and fully share the importance among officers, employees and agents. 

Data Protection Team 

We have appointed a Data Protection Officer, moreover the Company Directors make up a Data Protection Team who are responsible for control over the management and operation of personal information. Through the DP team the Company have established structure to properly manage personal information. 

You can contact the Data Protection Officer at any time by email on or you can write to the DPO using the address shown on this website. 

Collection of Personal Information 

When we collect personal information, we will specify in advance the purpose of use and clearly state, notify or announce to you the purpose. When information collected is considered to be special care-required personal information, we will obtain your specific consent. 

Collection of Personal Information from visitors to this website 

This website uses google analytics. Collection of Personal Information from our Service Management Portals As a customer you may make use of the following websites for the purposes of managing the telecommunications services that we supply to you. 

These websites are owned, supported and managed by third party technology partners and are re-branded to reflect our service identities. Each of these websites use a technology called cookies to enhance user convenience in subsequent visits. Cookies never enable the website owner to obtain information that can identify a person or have a negative effect on your computers. You can disable cookies via settings in your web browser. 


SSL Technology 

The Service Management Portals use an encryption technology called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in order to make you feel at ease when entering your personal information into fields and forms. Any Information that you enter will be encrypted and then transmitted through SSL. 

Website Logs 

This website and the Service Management Portals do track general user information recorded in an access log. This includes users IP addresses, browser type, number of accesses and other related details, but not any information that can identify a person. We will never use the access log for any purpose other than for statistics and analysis on how our website is being used. 

Use of Personal Information 

We may only use personal information that we have collected within the scope of the purpose that we clearly stated, notified or announced to you in advance, or to the extent that the information is deemed to be related to the stated purpose of use. Any change in the purpose of use will be made by obtaining your prior consent. 

Management of Personal Information 

The Company will strive to keep the collected personal information accurate and up to date, and properly manage personalinformation by taking appropriate security measures to prevent it from being accessed by an unauthorised person, lost, destroyed, altered or leaked. 

The Company will properly respond to any request made by a customer regarding their personal information within fourteen days after verifying the identity of the requester and provide the information requested within one month. 

The Company will review this Privacy Notice periodically as we continue to improve the systems and processes surrounding the management of your personal information. 

You can download a copy of the full Teleproject UK Privacy Policy HERE