Hosted IVR

Hosted IVR is flexible, scalable, cost effective and quick to deploy, which is why so many companies and organisations now use this technology.

Efficient call handling will create a professional and favourable impression of your business
to both prospective and existing customers. Missed or badly handled calls can result in a direct loss of revenue. In contrast effective call routing and management can lead to increased sales
and better use of staff time, improving your company’s bottom line and facilitating a better
customer experience.

Menu driven IVR services can improve call handling by leading your callers through a logical
sequence and directing them to the correct person or department quickly. For an IVR system to be truly effective though, it needs to be maintained on a regular basis and adapt to reflect
changes in your business, for example, to accommodate holidays and revised working hours
or to feature new products. If well designed & maintained, an IVR system will increase
customer satisfaction.

Our team have been providing Hosted IVR solutions for over a decade and can help you to blend IVR and Live Call Handling together seamlessly to the benefit of you and your customers.

If you are a company looking for a long term inbound call management solution you may want to ask us about our Virtual Reception service, which is an off the shelf IVR product configured by us to meet your exact requirements. Features include Menu Options, Call Queuing & Call Distribution, Call Recording with Online Storage, Voicemail 2 Email, Data Capture and Secure Automated Payment Processing.

If you are a facilities management company or media response contact centre looking for a Hosted IVR solution for a campaign or project we would be delighted to quote and in addition to great prices and a great platform we also offer a wealth of experience for you to draw upon.

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