4 Reasons Your Estate Agency Needs Cloud-Based Telephone System

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4 Reasons Your Estate Agency Needs Cloud-Based Telephone System

One of the essential foundations of a great company is having an excellent communication system. Everything that is done daily and its success is all because of excellent communication. It is particularly evident in estate agencies. 

When running an estate agency, communication is one of the gears that keep your machine moving. On a regular day, you will have to talk to numerous clients, colleagues, partners, and suppliers, and keeping track of all this information can be challenging. A lot of companies have been upgrading their telephone system to cloud-based. It sounds pretty fancy, but it’s quite simple. Here are some basics on cloud-based telephone systems and why your estate agency needs one:

1. Versatile telephone system for Estate Agents

Cloud-based telephone systems, unlike traditional methods, allow your company to make phone calls, send, and store data over the internet. This type of system is versatile because of its many functions. You can make and receive calls from your co-workers and agents, save and store data (such as voice mails), use other messaging tools, and hold video conferences. There is no need to be in one place with all your employees to discuss important matters anymore.

2. A better way to manage calls and messages

The problem with traditional telephone systems is that you can be missing important messages or calls. With cloud-based telephone systems, you can make and receive calls while you work remotely. Another advantage is that you can track reports of missed calls and client calls done by your agent. This way, you can find ways to improve communication. Because cloud-based telephone systems have an option to record calls, it will help you develop better customer service. You can create a better system in interacting with agents and clients based on the data you gather.

3. More natural way to communicate with your team

Having a cloud-based telephone system in your estate agency will allow you to hold conferences and meetings anywhere. That is both cost-efficient and highly practical for you and your employees. 

Another advantage of having this type of telephone system is that you can manage your employees’ workload and align everyone with the day’s tasks. Aside from that, you’ll get reports on messages and calls that went through the system throughout the day. Cloud-based telephone systems enable you to contact your team from anywhere. So if issues in the agency arise, or if there is something urgent that needs to be done, reaching a team member wouldn’t be a problem.

4. Better customer services

Since employees will have access to your telephone system, missing essential calls will decrease, and employees will be able to accommodate clients immediately. This feature is critical because it allows you to be able to track how your employees communicate with your clients and find areas in which you can improve. 

Customer service is incredibly essential to help build your agency’s reputation and a trusting relationship with your clients. Cloud-based telephone systems can help you ease communication problems and be more accessible to your customers.


If you want to upgrade your estate agency’s communication method, switching to a cloud-based telephone system is the right choice. You can track, manage, make, and receive data all in one system, which is incredibly cost-efficient and practical. If you want to receive real-time results and get to work efficiently, cloud-based telephone systems will do the trick. 

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