Staying Power of Voice in Business Communications

Power of voice in business communications

Staying Power of Voice in Business Communications

One fact that all the best entrepreneurs and businesses know is that stagnation can mean the death for any business. In a world in which new technologies and innovations are constantly being developed, the business that succeeds is one that manages to adapt to all these changes. 

One change that enterprises must keep up with is how customer service and the customer experience (CX) evolve. More and more, companies are thinking about improving CX using the various technological options that come to be. But while innovation does matter, keeping your head in the future might jeopardise the present, as adding new options might confuse the customers who are used to a certain thing.

The staying power of voice communications

This is one particular reason that voice communication – through telecommunications or other channels – is here to stay. After a century of use, it still remains one of the most efficient and widespread ways to deliver and exchange information in real-time. 

The wonderful thing about voice systems is that they don’t necessitate an internet connection. This makes it a reliable staple of business communications, featuring unparalleled reliability and accessibility. Even in the case that internet services fail, the telecommunications system will remain up. 

With nearly every person having access to some form of voice communication, whether on their phones or in their existing landlines, it is not a pathway you can ignore. 

Voice communication also solves the problem of the immediate nature of customer demands. 64% of customers expect to receive real-time assistance when they make an inquiry, and voice business communication is the quickest way to respond to this demand. 


You can use Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) to make it easier for both you and your customers

Interactive Voice Responses can add a level of intuitiveness to the way you deal with customers, as it can narrow down their concerns before they even speak to a customer service representative. This even has the added effect of allowing you to optimize your customer service operations, allowing representatives with different areas of expertise a more focused approach with their disciplines when dealing with customer concerns.

The wonderful thing about this is, with just the right amount of tweaking and intuitive design, your IVR system can be designed to completely replicate the web experience. You can provide all the same options to customers who prefer or need an auditory experience as opposed to a visual one. 

With the right tools and strategies, you can create an automated system that relies on self-service, easing employee operations and providing a convenient real-time form of communication between your business and the customer. 


In conclusion

Even with email, chatbots, and other digital communication channels, voice communication remains a staple in business, especially with the 91% customer retention rate offered by taking a multi-channel approach to your communications. So long as you use intelligent strategies such as IVR to manage your voice communications, you should expect to see positive results.

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