6 Common Cloud Phone System Myths Debunked

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6 Common Cloud Phone System Myths Debunked

Cloud technology has provided businesses today the means to run more efficient operations. The technology has been incorporated into various businesses, and one of its most popular applications is the use of business phone systems. 

These systems play a crucial role in many enterprises, regardless of the industry they’re in. After all, having a reliable phone system to address clients’ needs and conduct business transactions is what separates good service from the bad. 

However, there are still cloud computing “non-believers” due to some common misconceptions. We’ll debunk six of them in this article.

1. It’s Expensive

Many believe that cloud phone systems are expensive due to the technology involved to make it work. That’s where they’re wrong. There are a lot of companies today that offer affordable packages for business phone systems today. Moreover, with more efficiency and better communication, you get to save your company more money in the long run. 

2. It’s Not Secure

A cloud phone system is more secure than traditional telephones. It can curb any security leaks in your network. Moreover, since hacking is widely spread these days, you get additional security measures in your internal network by using a cloud phone system for business. A lot of service providers also offer fraud protection that will protect a company against potential financial losses. 

3. It’s Not Portable

Many think that the phone used for the system can only be used where it is placed. However, a business phone system will let you retain the same number wherever you are. That way, you will easily be reachable by your clients no matter where you are located. It works similarly to plug-and-play, and since it’s in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about losing data while you move from one place to another. 

4. It’s Less Reliable

There are still some people who rely on the good ol’ analogue phone. For them, it’s more reliable because they can touch it, but when it comes to a reliable connection, a cloud phone system is a more reliable alternative. However, a business phone system requires a secure internet connection to work, and if you think about it, who doesn’t have internet these days, anyway? 

5. It Has Poor Quality

Since a cloud phone system relies on the Internet to work, many believe that it produces poor quality. The phone system itself, though, delivers HD sound quality to ensure clear and effective communication. 

6. Small Businesses Can’t Benefit From It

Another common misconception is that the use of cloud phone systems is only meant for big companies, and small enterprises are better off using a traditional phone system. Today, there is a considerable need for the use of phone systems in the cloud to manage their existing clients better and prepare for potential customers. With a cloud phone system, you gain scalability in your current and future plans as it lets your business remain competitive in the ever-changing economy. 


These are the most common misconceptions surrounding cloud phone systems today, but most of them are misinformed. The technology has already established its roots, and it is now globally recognised for its many benefits. Cloud computing is making our lives so much easier these days, which is why moving your business to the cloud is the most logical choice.

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