Why Your Business Needs a Cloud-Based Telecom System

People using office Telecom System

Digital tools are the key to improving modern business’s productivity. Different industries are taking advantage of the development of custom software to help them in organising their data and managing their service provider to client interactions. This is why cloud telephony has become a popular solution for businesses ranging from international corporations to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Digital tools that improve business processes

Today, many people are using cloud-based telecom system to interact and collaborate with each other. Offices can make use of Google’s various digital tools that can be created and edited in real-time with several contributors through the internet.

Know that cloud-based solutions don’t just allow file editing and data storage. Variations of the same structure can be applied to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems that make use of the same concept in receiving phone calls and texts from customers.

Cloud-based telephony systems

Adapting to new software for your business operations can be a challenging obstacle. Yet, once you’re familiar with the benefits of the platform, you’ll see that your difficulties will be a steady investment for the future. 

Listed below are several advantages that cloud telecom systems can provide for your business.

  • Easy to install: Cloud-based systems offer different benefits to your business ranging from lesser logistical costs to greater overall data management. All you need to do is secure a subscription package that allows you to have limited users connected through your broadband connection.
  • Cost-effective: Cloud telephony is the perfect solution to be used with office telephone systems. The flexibility of cloud telephony allows you to add and remove devices with ease without asking an IT technician to deal with server access. You can also upgrade your subscription package to include additional handsets and VoIP licenses as your business grows, so you don’t have to rush into a more expensive plan right away.
  • Mobile compatibility: For remote workers, the accessibility of working outside the conventional office setting is negotiable through VoIP systems. With modern laptops and smartphones being equipped with higher processing power, all they need is a working Internet connection to log-in to your business’s cloud. This gives you and your staff the option to work from home while still contributing to the office’s workflow.
  • Off-site servers: Cloud telephony systems will not require you to purchase several pieces of hardware. With its accessibility, you can manage your business’ operations even when working with fewer devices. Cloud technology makes up for the need to install bulky local service in your office’s system. Since the communication between servers is made through an off-site digital connection, all you need to handle incoming and outgoing calls are several VoIP phones to use.

Cloud-systems overthrowing ISDN networks

Analogue telecom systems, such as ISDN phone lines, will soon become outdated as BT will soon stop its support in favour of committing to VoIP systems that are much easier to handle. With over 1.9 million UK businesses that still use an ISDN network, it’s a testament to how long its legacy has stood to support companies, both large and small. These enterprises are recommended to switch their phone lines to a cloud-telephony solution by tapping into their broadband connection before ISDN phone lines are dropped from 2020 onwards.


The key to embracing the modern trends of technological advances is to adapt to the needs of the times. Although BT will still hold on to ISDN phone networks until 2025, you’ll no longer be able to purchase systems that use PSTN and ISDN networks after 2020 to help various industries to adjust to cloud systems.

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