What Is A Hosted Telephone System And How Exactly Does It Work?

What Is A Hosted Telephone System?

A hosted telephone system means your communications are operating in the cloud, instead of in your physical office. It is perfect for remote workers, micro, small and larger businesses and organisations also ideal for client assistance divisions and call centres.

Some of the benefits are: 

  • No upfront costs are incurred for equipment.
  • Highly flexible communications systems ready for the future
  • Total control for smart internet devices

Hosted telephone systems use cloud-based technology which eliminates the requirement for expensive equipment on location and simple or ISDN phone lines from telephone suppliers. Putting it simply a business telephone system is connected via the internet and the telephone framework turns into some software instead of physical equipment. 

The cloud location is also known as Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and can be received through rented/leased (private lines assigned to your business). It gives an adaptable, dependable and practical approach to deal with your communications and once installed can be intelligently controlled, and extra features can be added to suit your business requirements. 

With this set-up, Teleproject Uk will house the Hosted PBX and handle the tech and any maintenance of the framework if any is required. 

To compare: a conventional telephone system requires you to have it housed within the physical office and is connected to an ISDN line. When calls come into the office call, every individual member of staff requires a physical desk phone. With hosted communications, the call can be taken on a ‘softphone’, a phone on your desk or mobile application. 

As many businesses know, BT will switch off and retire all ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) services in 2025. We believe hosted communication is the best and most future proof option as it uses Data Connections to receive calls. 

So, how do hosted telephone systems work? 

Hosted communications use a similar LAN network as office internet does and connects to the internet provider (IP)

Hosted comms send information securely and safely via the internet through a dedicated connection for your business.

For calls that come into the business, the phone will establish a connection to the internet provider (IP) network, then over to the remote host. The dialled number will get quickly connected and sent through to the appropriate office, department or individual within the business.

The system needs a private connection and an appropriate bandwidth to work well. When we say ‘bandwidth’ this refers to the rate or speed at which data is sent across an IP network. When hosted systems or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions are installed, the bandwidth can be measured and upgraded (if required) to achieve the best performance for the hosted telephone system.

These systems can be accessed via dedicated handsets connected to the internet and offer a range of enhanced features. These internet handsets or virtual phones are recommended and chosen before installation, at which point complete training can be arranged.

Once ready and setup, a business can manage international communications across multiple sites through a simple interface.