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The Active iPBX Telephony System provides companies with a highly scalable, feature rich

Unified Comms system designed to support businesses with between 5 and 250+ users.


Powered by Broadsoft, carried by BT and managed by Teleproject UK

Active iPBX is the ultimate 21st Century hosted telephone system.


Incorporating all of the features you need, such as Voicemail 2 Email,

Mobile Twinning, Remote Office, Music - on - Hold, Call Recording,

Hunt Groups and Call Queuing.The services are simply accessed

over dedicated Broadband or Leased Lines.


Active iPBX Telephony System – Key Benefits


Scalable and Flexible:

Active iPBX is a carrier grade cloud based telephony solution that can be deployed anywhere that you have an internet connection. With the system and handsets pre-configured installation is swift, and in the event that you re-locate your business, simply pack up your phone handsets and plug in at the new offices.


Ideal for multi-sited organisations and companies with home workers, Active iPBX can keep everyone on the same network with extension dialling between sites and presence so that you can see the status of co-workers and transfer calls as if you were in the same office.


If your business changes, either because you need an additional handset or two or more dramatic scaling up or down of staff our simple contract model offers the flexibility to react quickly.



Built In Disaster Recovery:

Active iPBX is unique as it is a telephony solution that can be deployed (optional) in two distinct halves (Inbound & Outbound).


All inbound calls are passed through our high capacity call management platform on the Vodafone PSTN network with calls mapped to your IP handsets, softphone applications or call queues. Outbound calls are made across the BT Tier 1 IP network.


In the event of a connectivity or IP phone system failure or issues preventing you from accessing your office premises, this innovate system design enables inbound calls to be quickly or automatically rerouted to alternative handsets such as mobile phones.


Live Agent Card Payment Processing:

When Active iPBX is deployed in two halves as described above we can seamlessly route all inbound call traffic through the ActivePay PCI-DSS Level 1 card payment processing system which when combined with the Virtual Terminal (browser based or iframe) will enable your agents/staff to take customer payments without seeing or hearing sensitive card data.


For more information on our range of Live Agent and Automated Payment line solutions. Click Here


Significant Cost Savings:

Active iPBX makes complete commercial sense due to its comparatively low cost of ownership which is achieved through the reduced requirement for ISDN lines, shared call minute bundles and the inclusion of support fees within the monthly extension rental which eliminates the need for expensive annual service contracts.


Home Workers & Remote Office Support:

Remote working can now be monitored and controlled directly from the office. Active iPBX offers a full range of employee productivity features to manage and track the performance of remote workers, whilst allowing free calls between all sites via simple 3/4 digit extension dialling.

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